Tenri Primary School in conjunction with ACEF was honored to host the Kenya-Japan Cultural day which was held on Saturday 13th of November 2021.The participants of the day included the Japan Information and Cultural Center, Jufred Academy, Esther Achievers, Jump and Smile Orphanage Center and the host Tenri Primary School. On this fateful day, different Kenyan and Japanese cultures including but not limited to mode of dressing, types of dances, different types of foods among others were well demonstrated and presented. Below are pictures and videos to illustrate the same.

Tenri Primary School pupils demonstrating the Maasai mode of dressing.
Tenri School pupils dressed in traditional dance attires.
Mr. Futai addressing about different Japanese cultures and practices.
Tenri School performing a traditional dance.
Jefred Academy’s presentation.
Tenri School pupils dressed in Japanese attires(Hakama and Kimono) presenting a Japanese Song.
Esther Achievers pupils(models) performing a catwalk.
Tenri Primary School Sakata dancers dancing to the rhythm.
Jump and Smile Center’s Yosakoi-Soran Japanese Dance.
Tenri Primary School pupils in Maasai attire.
Esther Achievers pupils presenting a Japanese poem.