Tenri Joyous Park is located at around 1.5 Kilometers off Machang’a market, along Embu Kitui road. The project initially started in the year 2017 as a way to earn income for the general running of the Jump and Smile Orphanage center. The project was also established as a way to improve the general development of the community as well as provide employment opportunities for residents and non residents. Within Tenri Joyous Park, there are plenty of different varieties of birds, (local and international) tortoise, crocodiles, rabbits, chameleons, fish along side others. Incase you haven’t seen an Ostrich, this is the place to visit. More to that, there are plenty of recreational activities like swimming, swinging, canopy-walking, sliding, bike racing, zip line among other enticing activities. The park is anticipated to be fully opened early next year around the month of April. All are welcome to experience the unspeakable adventure. As for now, more developments and completions are taking place. Below are some pictures at a glance.

2 months old Crocodile hatchlings.
Ostrich birds.
Mature Crocodiles, male and female.
Leopard tortoise among other tortoise breeds.
Bantam Silkies.
A ring-necked Pheasant.
Vulturine Guinea fowl
Homing Pigeon
Canopy walks